Friday, 19 February 2010

Accessorize the dress

First of all apologies for gap in the blog.....sooooo much has been going on that I just have not had time to post anything. I suppose the most exciting thing that has happened is that we have moved to the countryside! As I sit here typing all i can hear are birds singing and the geese in the field opposite. We have been here for two months and it has been idyllic.

Anyway, back to matters at hand - The Wedding! At the last count we are down to 190 days. I have achieved nothing more since ordering the dress nearly 5 months ago. I am hoping a swatch of the material will be coming through the letterbox this morning so I can start to think about shoes and accessories!


The biggest idea i have had with regards accessories is having a veil. Now, not just your average veil.....a cathedral length, lace edge, mantilla veil! Check these delightful images out.......

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